Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light Review

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Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light Review

 So, a few weeks ago, I was finally able to pick up one of these Ambient Lighting Powders from Sephora and I picked up mine in Dim Light. I was anxious to see whether it would live up to all the hype on the internet surrounding them, especially since I had to shell out $42 for it and I can’t say I’m disappointed!

What Makes This Powder Different from Other Highlighters

This is a highlighting powder unlike any other because where most highlighters are simply finely milled shimmer powders or creams, this powder uses very little shimmer and instead photoluminescent technology (? no idea what this is) to diffuse light and soften the way various kinds of lighting hit your face and reflect off skin. It combines highlighting and setting powder into one product so there’s that somewhat money-saving value in that you’ll need less products to do several things. It’s created to enhance the look of skin, even in harsh lighting and flash photography, so that your skin has a constant luminous glow in any and every situation. The Ambient Lighting Powder is free of talc, fragrance, gluten and nano particles so you can use it without worry.

What I Love About It

What I really love about this powder is that it looks great with a full face of makeup, lending your overall look a more polished finish, and also looks great with some simple pressed face powder and nothing more. It gives more dimension and dynamic to my face, which I really love, and I find it adds a new layer to contour, similar to the way of highlighters, but better somehow. I also love that using it is a complete no brainer. You can add as little or as much as you like and it takes a whole lot of it for you to start to look overdone whereas highlighter can make you look ridiculous with one wrong move. I’m not a genius at makeup so this is a HUGE plus for me! Other non-makeup artists can rejoice in the ease with which you can apply this. Seriously. It is SO easy and it looks great no matter! Also, it really makes my skin look pretty all the time, even on rainy dull days when my skin would otherwise look pasty pale and just, generally, unattractive. I purchased mine in the shade Dim Light which is a soft peachy beige color and is the perfect choice for someone who is really pale like I am. If you’re more tan or dark-skinned, they’ve still got you covered with a number of other more flattering shades to suit your skin tone.


I’ve collaged all the wondrous reasons why I love this powder, but I’m sure there are many more that I’ll discover as time goes on and I learn more about how not to suck at applying cosmetics 😀

I was unsure about this purchase at first and I wasn’t sure it would be worth the expensive price tag, but it absolutely is and the powder is sure to last a long time so it’s a great investment that ends up having a lot of long term value, I think.

A Photo Of My Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light: 

ambient lighting powder in dim light

My Skin Using this Powder:


This is my skin using only my Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation Powder & this Ambient Lighting Powder.

You can get this powder in Dim Light and other shades at Sephora – HERE

Have You Tried this Powder?

What Do You Think of It?

♥ Tianna

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12 thoughts on “Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light Review

  1. March 1, 2014 at 11:10 PM

    You’re tempting me to grab this one so much haha. I’ve heard great things about this particular product and have been contemplating to finally grab one. Great review as always hun. x
    Donah @ SJB recently posted…The Red Carpet Ready Collection by TotalBeauty.com ReviewMy Profile

    1. March 4, 2014 at 4:23 PM

      it is SO worth it! I know it’s pricey, but the powder will last for some time as you do get quite a bit and it’s pressed so you’ll only use what you need. Also, it makes the finish of any makeup look PERFECT. I can literally wear this with some face powder and then this over the top and it looks so beautiful without me even making much of an effort. I can’t wait until I have enough $ to buy the blush version as well lol ! ♥

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