Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

With 2014 coming to a swift close, I’m sure I’m not the only one left with a feeling of “holy crap that went by SO fast!

So I thought instead of doing a typical new year’s resolutions list (I’ll be doing one separately, though not sure if I’ll blog it yet), I wanted to do a reflective type list of things I’m grateful for instead. There’s so much to be grateful for, I’m finding out, and it makes me a lot happier about the past year so I highly recommend you guys make one as well!

My Gratitude List for 2014

  1. My health. Everyone alive and well should be grateful for their health! It’s a wondrous thing to be able to get up, walk around, be lazy, go running, do incredible physical feats with my body. I’m happy and proud of all of those things.
  2. My positive attitude. I’m not perfect, of course, but this past year was one in which I made a conscious effort to be more positive and optimistic about things. Because of my attitude and despite a few setbacks, I accomplished a lot. I completed 3 short films and 2 episodes of a web series. I also started writing my first film script ever and I’ve done a ton of fun things here on the blog that I hope you guys have enjoyed. Blogging is fun, but it’s also a lot of work!
  3. My friends, new and old. I had some really good times and made some amazing memories with old friends like swimming in freezing Lake Tahoe water and singing lots of karaoke! With new friends, I’ve found mutual interests and likes and a feeling of mutual understanding of one another that I think is really hard to come by.
  4. My good work ethic. I’m not always on point, but when I am, I get a LOT done. I can be really effective at work, at blogging, at acting, cooking, working out, and whatever else I set my mind to. In the past, I’ve kind of shrugged myself off and not given myself credit for it, but I decided that I need to give myself credit when I do well.
  5. My mistakes and lessons. I’ve done a ton of trial and error this year, especially in acting and here on my blog, with my fitness and healthy eating, and loads of other areas. I’ve made my mistakes and learned a lot of lessons this year, but I’m glad for them. It means 2015 will be even better now that the mistakes and lessons are behind me. Truth be told, every time I make a mistake, experience pain or anguish, I secretly pocket those memories to use in my acting later. For me, it makes everything a little easier to bear.
  6. My crazy family. They’re not always easy to live with, but they’re great inspiration for stories, they make me laugh, and sometimes they teach me a ton of lessons, good and bad.
  7. My boyfriend. Sometimes, things add up and I know I’m doing a thing we like to call “stacking.” You know, it’s when one thing goes wrong so you stack a bunch of other bad sh*t that you can think of onto everything else. Now who’s day is bad?! Lol. But seriously, my boyfriend keeps me sane and on earth when this happens. On top of that, he’s always pushing me to do better, be better, and helping me accomplish my goals in a way that I’m not sure anyone else would. I’m really grateful for that.
  8. My dogs. My dogs always remind me of how fun and carefree life can be, how joyous and free you can love and play, and how fulfilling cuddling and sleep really are when it’s cold! They love me unconditionally and I love their unique personalities and funny things they do.
  9. Everything I already have. I know we all wish for more things in the future and who wouldn’t? We all want to experience all that life has to offer and then some, but I think it’s also important to recognize that we all have a whole lot more than we think. I’m so grateful for everything I already have. Things like a job, friends who love to do and create the same things as I do, our mini film community and projects, friends, family, dogs, my health, and a ton of “stuff” that I’ve been so lucky to have and don’t need, but I enjoy and am grateful for it all and I try to share and spread around what I have as much as I can.
  10. My undoubtedly amazing future. TUT the Universe daily emails have me convinced that my future holds the most incredible things and I am starting to truly believe it (and why shouldn’t we all be looking toward a better future?).I’m looking forward to bigger, better things like a seriously successful career, a blog that’s both successful and true to myself and readers, successful projects created by my friends and I, amazing projects that I’ll get to be a part of, awesome health, and most likely, finally, some abs 😛

What Makes Your Gratitude List for 2014? 

I’d love to hear your list in the comments or link me if you’ve posted on it already!


*Please Note: This is not a sponsored post – I linked to TUT because I love their free emails and they always brighten my day. I’ve been spreading the word about them for free for months to everyone I know so I thought it’s only fair I share it with you guys as well!

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