Newfound Fashion Love: Dungarees

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sweat pant dungarees

{ ASOS Petite Sweatpant Dungarees }

So I’m a person who normally hates overalls AKA dungarees.

Unless it was a more tailored suspender type look, I wasn’t into it.

It wasn’t until recently that I have been getting into the whole overall/romper/dungaree style and they’ve mostly all been either leather or jersey.

This seems to be a somewhat new style they’ve come out with this season (I could be wrong?) and I love that they’ve updated the typical overall look from a baggy, shapeless mess that makes anyone who wears it look like a 5 year old to a more tapered, sleek, and form-fitting style. It actually makes the whole dungaree look a lot more chic and sophisticated which I’m really enjoying 🙂

♥ Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Pieces ♥

leather overalls dungaree romper

{ Nameless Shortall Faux Leather Overall Romper }

jersey overall dungaree


{ ASOS Short Overalls in Jersey }

ASOS Exclusive Floral Print Overalls


{ ASOS PETITE Exclusive Floral Print Overalls }

UNIF Yokel Bathing Swim Suit


UNIF Yokel One Piece Swimsuit }

What Do You Think of the Dungaree/Overalls Style?

Would You Wear Any of These?

Do You Prefer the Old Overalls/Dungaree Look or the New Look?

♥ Tianna

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