News, Updates and What’s Coming Soon!

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New, Updates and What's Coming SOON!

So, What’s Up, My Peeps? 

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a little heart to heart so I thought I would share a few updates that will be coming to the blog very soon, what I’ve been working on and some things I’m excited about for fall 🙂

Blog Redesign + Rebranding

I’m currently planning a massive redesign for my blog and I’m re-branding with a 100% different name. It’s been something I’ve been considering for ages and ages so I’m really excited/nervous/scared, but I know it’s definitely something that needs to happen. Also, I settled on a really badass name so there’s that 🙂 I can’t divulge too much just yet, but I hope you like what’s coming!

#FallforGreenBeauty campaign with Petal and Post

I frequently partner up with Petal and Post to do sponsored posts, which I really love because I have a lot of freedom about what products I want to write about and what the topics are which has been amazing. I really couldn’t be happier working with a natural eco luxury shop. Because of this, I’ve been thinking of ways to work with the brands and shops I really love in a more cohesive way and I came up with the idea of doing brand/shop campaigns! What is this campaign I speak of? Well, it’s basically a series of posts here on the blog, social media, and it will include a fun event that’s themed to fit the brand/shop with an awesome contest or giveaway you guys can enter!

So, the fun theme we settled on for the first-ever brand campaign with Petal and Post was #FallforGreenBeauty and I’m REALLY excited about it! In the campaign, I’ll be discussing what made me #FallforGreenBeauty, why I love it so much, my favorite for fall skincare and makeup, AND I’ll be putting together an incredible prize for you guys to boot! I hope you guys like this campaign and I’m hoping I’ll have a few others in the mix before the end of the year to bring you some amazing content and even better giveaways 😉

Non-Toxic Halloween + #31DaystoCreepItWeird

I’ve droned on and on about my love for Halloween, but I really am SO excited! Last year, I started using a custom hashtag called #31DaystoCreepItWeird which was so much fun! I shared a bunch of fun Halloween makeup looks, ideas, and things to inspire you to get excited for Halloween and fall. You can check out the hashtag on instagram to see what I posted last year and definitely follow me on instagram so you don’t miss out on what I have planned for this year!

 YouTube and Snapchat Videos

I recently got the hang of Snapchat – Follow Me HERE! – and I’ve been trying to do a few videos a week where I share the latest products I’m loving, consistent product favorites, makeup looks,  and discussing what I love/hate about them. I’m also going to integrate YouTube VERY soon! I know I’ve been saying that, but I promise it’s in the mix. Just bear with me! I’ve been filming short film after short film, we’re doing the 48 hour film project this year, and so I’ve been massively busy filming those, but I PROMISE I will sit down and start filming for YouTube very soon :-*

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4 thoughts on “News, Updates and What’s Coming Soon!

  1. August 13, 2016 at 11:32 AM

    So excited for your rebrand/redesign! Though, I will miss “The Storybook Apothecary” as that is one of the best blog names ever, I know your new name will be just as creative and amazing! 🙂 I’m kind of wishing I could rename mine again lol (I actually like my tumblr blog name better ha ha).

    Also, very cool about the Petal & Post collab – I love them too! <3

    And of course, looking forward to Halloween! Actually, I just want Fall to be here already – enough of this 90 degree & 100% humidity nonsense! 😛

    Someday I hope to be brave enough to do youtube videos – maybe once my Invisalign treatment is done with so I'm not lisping like a drunk person! lol

    Anyhoo, congrats on everything! I know anything you do will be awesome! 😀

    1. August 16, 2016 at 9:53 AM

      thanks Sabrina – me too! I loved the SA name, but it doesn’t really make sense for me anymore and I’m hoping you guys like the new look and name even better 🙂 lol I know the feel! I love your new blog name, though! thanks! yeah I am excited about collaborating with them again. Petal and Post is an awesome shop and their products are amazing. Yesss! Halloween and cooler weather is something I’m SO ready for lol. so tired of this heat! yes! you should def. do them too 🙂 yeah my friend had Invisalign too lol. the struggle is real there. thanks for the well wishes, Sabrina! 🙂 glad to have you here for the journey with me!

  2. August 15, 2016 at 8:11 AM

    I’m excited for the rebranding and your new name!
    I’m sorry though, but I’m still in full summer mode lol I don’t want to hear about the F word 😉

    1. August 16, 2016 at 12:32 PM

      me too! lol I know it’s been a good summer, but its like 100+ F degrees here almost every day for the past month. I’m melting!

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