Christmas Gift Guide: Awesome DIY Gift Ideas

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If you’re still behind on gift shopping and don’t want to spend a lot of cash, why not give a DIY gift?

They’re inexpensive, if not free, and they offer a unique, personal feel when gift giving. I’m a huge fan of DIY when it comes to gifts and there are so many incredible ideas out there that there is literally something for everyone. It can actually kind of overwhelming to google “DIY gifts” because there are that many options so I thought I’d share my favorite DIY gift ideas with you all, just in case you were curious 😉


{ DIY Glitter Play Dough }

This is a super cheap and easy gift for kids. All you really need is flour, oil, water, some glitter and some food coloring. The recipe for the play dough and everything is in this helpful post and it’s really easy to follow. I think a lot of kids will enjoy this festive looking play dough!


{ DIY Vanilla Extract }

Vanilla Extract is one of the easiest gifts around, though it does take some time. You have to prep a few weeks ahead of time so this isn’t the best last minute gift, but it’s a nice belated one if you know you’ll be seeing someone after Christmas and want to gift them with something nice, but inexpensive. It takes at least 2 weeks to process and all you really need is some vodka and vanilla beans to do it. I actually gave these away as gifts last year and they’re really popular with bakers, cooks and foodies!


{ DIY Chalkboard Mug }

This looks difficult, but actually isn’t and this post breaks it down into super easy steps. All you need is a mug, chalkboard paint, a paint brush, and some masking tape to do it and the result is super cute!


{ DIY Candy Cane Sugar Scrub }

This one is a nice idea for the beauty lovers in your life. All you need is some sugar, peppermint oil, red food coloring, and a natural oil like almond or coconut oil and the result is super cute and festive!


{ DIY Iphone Case }

There are tons of DIYs for Iphone Cases, but this one from Washington Post is my favorite because it’s done with actual dried flowers. I think it’s such a beautiful idea for anyone, really.


{ DIY Brownie Mix Gift }

During the holidays, who doesn’t love sweets, amirite? That’s why this Brownie Mix in A Jar Gift is so genius! All you need are the dry ingredients to make brownies and a jar with a lid and that’s it! Layer them into the jar prettily and add a cute name tag and you’re done 🙂

What’s Your Favorite DIY Gift?

Do You Prefer to Buy or DIY Gifts?

♥ Tianna

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    I really like the brownie idea x

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    how cute…that mug,scrub,case

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    Glitter play-dough…how amazing! I also love the look of that sugar scrub!
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