Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 12 Gift Ideas for Coffee and Tea Lovers!

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It’s ridiculous how obsessed I become with hot beverages once the weather turns cold, especially all things coffee and tea, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this! Coffee and tea gifts are some of my favorites, namely because they are really cute, useful, and delicious and they don’t have to be expensive for people to enjoy them. With that, here’s my gift guide for the coffee & tea lovers in your life ♥



Kickstand Coffee Concentrate – I got this stuff for a bunch of my coffee-loving friends last year and it was a big hit! Basically, it’s coffee concentrate so you can mix it with water or milk and some ice and have iced coffee in 10 seconds flat without any prep time! It’s super convenient. I would also use it for making tiramisu (which requires espresso but I’d use this instead) and it works well for that also! It’s nice to have on hand, if you’re lazy and want instant gratification like me LOL. Also, this can be added to hot water or milk for coffee as well, but I think it’s most popular use is for iced drinks. They’re also now offering a black tea concentrate for tea lovers! 


Espresso Machine – This is a brilliant gift for someone like me (hint hint! Kidding LOL) who is kind of obsessed with how coffee is made as well as coffee art. Espresso machines are really only for people who want to learn to make their own, do coffee art or feel impressive by making their own coffee drinks for other people. I think they’re really beautiful luxe gifts to give, though a bit expensive obviously, but will definitely be loved by any espresso, coffee drink connoisseur!

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Cute Re-Usable Coffee Cups – I love these cute coffee cups that look like the paper cups you get at a coffee shop, except they’re made out of ceramic or hard plastic so they’re reusable! This one by Henri Bendel is so cute, but there’s also this one with adorable owls on it that’s great or this super festive one from Nordstrom also!


Coffee Cup Set – A set of coffee cups for the right tea or coffee lover is always appreciated! I think they’re especially fun if they’re themed for the holiday like the ones above or in some kind of style that the person would like. For instance, some people really like old fashioned lettering, gold trim cups, owls, or plain solid color cups.

img (3)

Cute Coffee Mug – Personalized (quotes / monogrammed / cute animals) – I should probably come clean about being obsessed with owls at this point in the post as it’s becoming increasingly obvious haha, but anyway, this idea can be customized to any person. Basically, if you don’t want to get them a set of cups, you can choose one specific cup to get them and fill it with little chocolates or tea candies or whichever. Fun cups are monogrammed ones with letters on them ( you can get their first initial ), cute animals like owls or cats or dogs, or even cups with fun quotes or statements on them like this one that says “You Rock.” There’s also this amazing heart shaped cup as well!


Coffee Beauty – Beauty products with coffee or tea ingredients in them are also a fun way to give the gift of caffeine 😛 Kahina Giving Beauty products feature coffee berry in them so they make a nice gift for the right person, but there’s also the coffee eye cream from 100% Pure and others. 

img (1)Loose Leaf Tea / Whole Bean Coffee – Loose leaf tea or whole bean coffee, especially the more luxe organic types, are a really nice gift to give! If the person you’re gifting has a specific favorite kind then even better, but the thought of getting that expensive organic tea or coffee is almost always well-received, especially whole bean or loose leaf because the flavor of them is higher quality and more pure than tea bags or ground coffee. You can also get specialty live plants or gift sets like this one.


Coffee Candies / Tea Candies / Macarons – Macarons would be my choice of these 3, but any kind of coffee candies ( like delicious biscotti ), tea candies or tea cakes, or other baked goods or sweets would be a nice gift to give. You can even find chocolate covered coffee beans and tea flavored candies and baked goods which are all fun and unique ways to gift someone.

img (2)

Gift Cards / Gift Sets – Gift cards to their favorite coffee or tea shop are always a nice, but easy way to gift someone as are gift sets. Some of my favorite gift sets are the variety packs of loose tea tins, coffee gift sets with mugs and coffee or hot chocolate, and you can even create your own little gift sets by purchasing each little item separately and putting it together yourself which is a bit more personalized than purchasing a ready-made one. This tea gift set is awesome because it includes a cute teapot and this coffee gift set includes other treats as well as coffee.


This last one is just something I discovered and thought was really cool! It’s the Eva Solo Tea Maker and it basically brews loose leaf tea for you while you’re on the go! The center mechanism is where you put the loose leaf tea and then you just add hot water. The stainless steel lid opens on it’s own when you go to pour it, the maker will keep your tea hot for up to 30 minutes and the sleek design is really lovely!

Do You Love Coffee and Tea? 

Would You Enjoy Coffee And/Or Tea Gifts This Year?

♥ Tianna 

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