5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos Today!

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Happy Dia de Los Muertos!

Also known as the Day of the Dead, Dia de Los Muertos is most famously celebrated in Mexico, but other parts of the world also have their own versions of it, mostly notably in China that I could find. Although a lot of the day revolves around remembering lost loved ones and passed on relatives, there is a huge element of dressing up, enjoying food, and celebrating the lives of these people and life in general as well.

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Whether you typically celebrate this holiday or not, there are some fun ways to Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos

Do Your Makeup Sugar Skull Style!

 Recently, I did a Sugar Skull Makeup Look for Halloween, but this type of skull makeup is very stylistic and typically done for Dia de Los Muertos. There are so many different ways to customize this makeup to your own taste, but traditional colors are orange, purple and black for the day of the dead. For more details on how to pull off this look, check out my post.

Enjoy Yummy Food!

The best part of this holiday, arguably, is the food! Traditional Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, tamales and more are served and enjoyed among families as well as offered up to dead relatives. Usually the dishes depend on what that person’s favorite dish was when they were alive, but everyone gets to enjoy some! There are some fun dinner ideas for this holiday that you can cook yourself at home from Food Republic – here.

Do Sugar Skull Nails!

Sugar skull nails look like they’re kind of challenging (at least to nail inferior me!), but if you’re good at nail art and want to be festive in a small way, this is one way to do it. They have tons of different designs online, especially on Pinterest, but this one is my favorite.

Attend A Festival

I’m not sure if everywhere in the world will have an event to attend, but most places in the USA will have events going on for Dia de los Muertos and I highly recommend checking one out! They usually have vendors who sell crafts, traditional food, sugar skull knick knacks and do sugar skull aka calavera face painting so it’s a great thing to do with friends and/or family.

Remember A Lost Loved One or Relative

If you’ve never heard of this holiday or it’s just not your thing, that’s cool, but hopefully you can take a moment to offer a prayer up for your lost loved ones and relatives so they know you’re thinking of them and wishing their spirit well in the afterlife (if that’s something you believe). A lot of people who celebrate Dia de los Muertos typically have altars set up in their home with photos of those they love and lost with flowers, candles and other memorabilia decorating it. You don’t have to be that elaborate unless you want to. Lighting candles is simply their belief and way of wishing their loved ones spirits well and the light is symbolic of helping to guide their spirit to the right place – heaven – if you will. It’s mostly a Catholic belief and, whether you’re into that or not, it’s a nice thought, no?

Do You Celebrate Dia de los Muertos?

♥ Tianna 

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