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Not-So-Typical Fairy Tale Themed Movies and TV Shows You Must Watch!

Not-So-Typical Fairy Tale Themed Films & TV Shows You Must Watch This Fall!

YA Book Series For Confidence, Fashion & Strength: The Daughters of the Moon by Lynne Ewing

When I was in middle school, particularly 8th grade, I had a really good friend with whom I obsessed over this series. Between Hannah and I, we obsessed over the Daughters of the Moon series…

British Slang Awesomeness + My New Favorite TV Show

British Slang Awesomeness + My New Favorite TV Show

Introducing, Voicemail, A Short Film { by my boyfriend and I }

If you saw the My Week In Photos post I did yesterday then you may remember I said I spent all of last weekend helping my boyfriend to film a short for a festival he…

13 of the Absolute Scariest Films I’ve Ever Seen

13 of the Absolute Scariest Films I've Ever Seen

What Is Your Favorite Fairy Tale?

[Source : Disney ] Hi Everyone! This really isn’t a typical post, but I was just wondering… What’s Your Favorite Fairy Tale? Mine is Beauty & the Beast! Please let me know in the comments…

50 Shades of Grey Book Review + 12 Things That Annoy Me About It (18+ MA ONLY PLEASE!)

First of all, absolutely nothing happens in the first 3 chapters of this piece of crap 50 Shades of Grey book. I got so bored I almost stopped reading. Finally, around chapter 5 or so,…