The Legit Budget Gift Guide | Budget Gifts That Don’t Suck!

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| The Legit Budget Gift Guide |

Budget Gifts That Don’t Suck!

One thing that has always irked me about budget gifts content and gift guides is that they tend to include a bunch of crappy gifts I’d never want to receive. I know, I know. It’s the thought that counts, but seriously, if you’re that strapped for cash, just make me a card! I’d rather read some kind words from you than have to figure out what to do with some cruddy ornament. That’s just my opinion.

And because I feel pretty strongly that gifts should be both personal and things the person actually wants or can enjoy while also staying within your spending budget for the holidays, I came up with this LEGIT awesome budget gift guide.

And luckily, there are some AMAZING gifts you can get at a total steal if you know where to find them (and I do). I’ve put together a collection of budget gifts that don’t suck for you guys with 3 price points: under $50 gifts, under $25 gifts, and under $15 gifts ♥

So, what constitutes a non-sucky gift?

For me, the gift must be cutely packaged, somewhat useful (or entertaining), and personal to the person you’re gifting it to. Even if you purchase a gift for someone, it should still reflect their interests or style, in my opinion and it’s totally possible to do it without breaking the bank.

PLEASE NOTE – All collages are clickable! If you see something you like, just hover over it and an icon will appear. Click on the link and it will take you directly to that product page!

budget pajama set

Gifts Ideas Under $50 ♥

Gifts under $50 are meant for those on your list whom you may want to spend a little extra on, but don’t necessarily want to go all out and purchase a luxury gift for. The people that usually fall into this particular category are close friends and family, maybe even your parents or siblings, so I curated this collection of gifts with that in mind.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to give a gift without spending to much money on someone. You can give any number of gift cards to book stores, online shops, the local movie theater, itunes, or any number of game networks like playstation, steam or xbox. You can even gift someone a month’s worth or hulu or netflix which is awesome, but super cheap! You can buy cards at the store for these or get them online and have them emailed directly to that person.

Knot Ring

I love this simple knot ring, but you can find a number of gorgeous jewelry pieces for $50 or less and it’s surprising how pretty they are! Nordstrom, especially, has some stunning pieces to choose from!

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint

This stunning organic lip tint from Kjaer Weis would make the perfect gift for a friend or sibling! The colors are super pigmented and the packaging is so luxurious that anyone would be happy to get this in their stocking, I think!

Best Nana Ever Mug

Am I the only one who likes to spend a little extra on her grandma? Both of my biological grandmothers passed away when I was fairly young so I’m quite close with my step-grandmother and because of this, I always make sure to spoil her!

Quick and Playful and Strong Planner

If you or someone know you is always doing a million and one things, a planner might be just the thing and this one is super cute!

Ceramic Whale Measuring Cups

These measuring cups are so stunning and I’ve actually seen them up close at Anthropologie; they’re a LOT bigger than you think! They’re also incredibly pretty so I think anyone who receives them is more likely to have them on display rather than actually use them, but all the same! If you know a foodie or cooking enthusiast, these would be a great gift.

Organic Vegan Hot Cocoa Mix

If you know someone who’s vegan or into hot chocolate in a big way, this is a great way to treat them to some luxurious deliciousness!

Muk Luks Slippers

Having both received and gifted muk luk slippers in the past, I can honestly say they’re my favorite brand of slippers to give. They’re super soft, comfortable and cozy when it’s cold out.

Tree Ranger Minimalist Kit

This rustic personal care kit for men is the perfect gift for any man rocking facial hair because it includes both beard oil and mustache wax; fancy!

More Gifts Under $50:

PLEASE NOTE – All collages are clickable! If you see something you like, just hover over it and an icon will appear. Click on the link and it will take you directly to that product page!

knit gloves

Gifts Under $25 ♥

Gifts that cost $25 or less are mid-range gifts which I think are good for people you might want to get something, but don’t necessarily want to spend too much on. These gifts are still super cute, fun, and useful, but they won’t cost too much and you can put them in some pretty wrapping paper to dress it up a bit.

Another thing I like to do to flesh out my budget gifts for people is by including a holiday card and candy cane; this always makes the gift look pretty and flashy even though it might not be!

Enchanted Forest Adult Coloring Book

Did you know that coloring can be therapeutic, even for adults? Since science shows that it can help reduce stress and anxiety, it’s a great gift to give someone you know who may be in need of some relaxation or maybe someone who enjoys art.

Table Topics

Need a conversation starter? These topic kits are great for starting conversations in your family, among your kids or with your partner. They would make an awesome gift for a group or if you wanted to send some family friends a gift they can enjoy with others.

Bohemian Ring Set

Know anyone who wears a lot of fun jewelry? These rings are super stylish and would go great with bohemian fashion looks!

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

I just finished reading this book so I can confirm that it’s awesome! If you know anyone who is a fan of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, this is the 4th book that continues the series (written by another author). If they have yet to read the books, though, you may want to get them the previous books in the series first!

Trilogy Organics Gift Set

I love trilogy organics! I’ve been a huge fan of their rosehip oil for ages because it’s brilliant for hydrating and brightening up skin during these cold months. If you happen to know a skincare lover, this would be a great gift that won’t break the bank!

Cosmic Whiskey Stones

If you don’t know what whiskey stones are, they are awesome stones that can be cooled like ice cubes to keep your drinks cold, but unlike ice, they won’t melt and dilute your beverage. They now make these in all different kinds of shapes and designs, but I love this cosmic star and moon set!

Pour Over Coffee Kit

If you know someone like me who has yet to purchase an actual coffee maker, this is a great gift idea! The pour over coffee kit makes preparing a cup of coffee super easy. Here’s how to make an iced coffee if that’s more your thing 😉

More Gifts Under $25:

PLEASE NOTE – All collages are clickable! If you see something you like, just hover over it and an icon will appear. Click on the link and it will take you directly to that product page!

geode ball ornaments

Gifts Under $15 ♥

Last, but certainly not least are these gift ideas which are all $15 or less! To be honest with you, I find I’m liking some of these gifts better than the pricier gifts in this list. They may not cost you much, but they’re all really cute, useful, and festive for the holidays and I think anyone would love to receive them as a gift or stocking stuffer!

Vegan Chocolate Hamsa

Vegan chocolate is delicious and perfect for anyone leading a dairy-free lifestyle. These adorably shaped chocolates are so boho chic, no? I love the uniqueness of them! You can get them in this hamsa design and also sparrow and sacred heart ones.

Glitter Ornaments

Glitter makes everything better, in my opinion, and these ornaments are super cute! I personally think you could probably DIY some yourself if you felt like saving even more money, but if not, these are still decently priced!

Tarot Cards

I’m a bit superstitious when it comes to tarot cards, but for those who enjoy readings or like to do it with friends, this is a unique gift. I also recommend gifting them in a unique box or bag to make the gift more personal.


Okay, so that’s not the official name for this item on their site, but that’s literally what it is! If you happened to grow up in the 90’s, you know exactly what a tamagachi is, but if not, well let me tell you! A Tamagachi is basically a digital pet that you must “keep alive.”

They were SO popular when I was young that you would often hear them go off during class. Everyone knew if someone’s pet died. It was really a challenge to keep these things alive because you have to feed, clean, etc in real time just like an actual pet.

Bizarre, fun and kind of hilarious, in my opinion, but if you have a friend who loves the 90’s or was a 90’s kid, this is a fun gift that won’t cost you much at all.

Mini Boho Candles

These mini candles are super cute and they’re perfect for anyone who loves candles, home decor or has a fun boho style. They come in various colors so you can buy one or a few and arrange them in a cute box for a nice gift.

Kiss Me Cozy Socks

I know some people might not enjoy receiving cute socks for the holidays, but I love getting them! My hands and feet are always cold during the winter and cute socks are fun and festive to wear, in my opinion!

Totoro Cookie Cutters

HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! I love Miyazaki films like My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Kiki’s Delivery Service so I absolutely love these! If you know someone who enjoys baking and these films, they will totally love these. I’ll definitely be buying these for myself haha…

Macaron Jewelry Box

I love cute little macarons and these mini boxes are perfect for holding your rings or earrings!

Single Malt Scotch Caramels

If you happen to be (or know someone who is) over 21, this is a nice liquor-infused gifts! These classy caramels are infused with single match scotch so they’re perfect for guys and girls alike.

Mason Jar Measuring Cups

Who doesn’t love mason jars? I get made fun of all the time because of my love for them and this measuring cup set is SO cute! It definitely personifies mason jar love at it’s finest, I think, and it would look super cute and rustic on your kitchen counter. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to cook, but has a more eclectic or country kitchen style.

Kari Gran Lip Whip

If you haven’t tried Kari Gran lip whips yet, then you MUST! They’re super thick (but not sticky) lip balms which help protect and hydrate your lips. They also have a delicious minty flavor to them so I feel like they can double as a breath freshener, but that’s just me. They come in a plain one and several different tints.

Tea Drops

I talked about my love for tea drops a few months ago, but if you missed that post, they’re different from your typical tea because they come in super cute shapes and varieties which are dissolved in hot water. All you have to do is drop one of the tea shapes into the water, stir a little, and voila! You have some delicious tea at your disposal sans teabag or mess. It’s perfect for on-the-go and offers a unique tea experience to tea lovers like me who enjoy it on the daily.

More Gifts Under $15:

Are You On A Budget for the Holidays? 


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      Thanks Helene 🙂 Glad you like them! Tamagachi’s were my favorite as a kid haha. they’re so cheap now – get one! 😉 never too late haha

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    What a fantastic roundup! I keep to a tight budget during the holidays because I have a lot of family and friends to buy for. There are some really unique and still inexpensive options in here. Not to mention some ideas for my own wish list – I’m looking at you tea drops. 🙂
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    1. November 19, 2015 at 11:52 AM

      thanks Grace! Yes, exactly, me too. It’s so difficult to cover everyone, but I like gifts to still be pretty. Tea drops are AMAZING! I love them! Super delicious, organic and affordable 🙂

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      thanks Jill! Tea drops are delicious! Definitely a great gift 🙂 And yeah I love cute socks 🙂

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    Tamagachis! Man I miss mine. Love the ideas! How did you create those clickable collages? They’re awesome!

    1. November 23, 2015 at 9:34 AM

      I know! I loved them as a kid 🙂 Thanks Elizabeth – glad you liked my ideas! I created them using a widget on RewardStyle – an affiliate network I’m a part of. It certainly makes my life a LOT easier and I hope it’s helpful for readers as well to find what they’re looking for.

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      of course! Me too = love coffee and I was surprised it’s so well-priced

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    I looooove the Totoro cookie cutter! My daughter would go wild for a Totoro cookie 🙂

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