Bonnie Box Unboxing + Review // Authentic Scottish Snacks and Goods!

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Bonnie Box Unboxing + ReviewBonnie Box Unboxing and Review

Today, I’m sharing what I got in my Bonnie Box from Shaunvlog in a Bonnie Box unboxing video! Let’s just ignore the disaster that is my current film situation! I’m working on improving it as soon as I can, but funds are limited and ring lights are pricey. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this unboxing and review.

What is Bonnie Box?

Bonnie Box is a unique Scottish box created by, ShaunVlog, one of my favorite vloggers on YouTube. Shaun is Scottish and often discusses the history of Scotland, by way of Outlander, in many of his videos. He decided to offer his subscribers a unique limited edition box with authentic Scottish snacks and goods. I don’t want to give too much away, but watch the video below to see what I got in the box!

What’s Included in the Box:

I’m pretty sure the boxes vary slightly, but this is the basics of what I received in my box. There are a few things missing. Watch the video if you want the full details 😉

  • Irn Bru Soda – This tastes like a more delicious Cactus Cooler.
  • Haggis Potato Crisps (Chips for us Americans) – The most unique chips I’ve ever had; so delicious!
  • Stoats Oat Bar + Instant Porridge Charity Pot – These both taste like a lighter oatmeal to me. Both are very sweet.
  • Border Golden Oat Crumbles – These taste like delicious, crunchy shortbread cookies.
  • Orkney Scottish Tablet – This is very similar to what we, as Americans, call fudge. It’s SUPER sweet.
  • Lavender Tree Tree + Orange Soap Bar – This actually smells amazing and I think even men would enjoy the scent.

Authentic Scottish Snacks in the Bonnie Box!

Bonnie Box Unboxing: the Goods!

If you guys enjoy watching videos like this, please let me know. If you would like to see more snacks on my channel, comment below and I’ll subscribe to some kind of snack box or something.

For a more in-depth explanation of what Bonnie Box is, check here. You can also sign up for the next batch of Bonnie Boxes here.

Also, be sure to subscribe to Shaunvlog’s YouTube channel for amazing Outlander videos and travel vlogs!

What Do You Think of the Bonnie Box?

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