Bloggoween: Helena / Anti-Helena Mirrormask Inspired Halloween Makeup!

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Mirrormask Inspired Halloween Makeup

Happy #Bloggoween! 

As you may know if you’ve been following me on Facebook and Twitter, I am doing a collaboration with a few other bloggers who are also big fans of Halloween where we’re sharing fun Halloween tutorials, yummy Halloween recipes, DIY costumes, and more!

In honor of that, I’ll be sharing a bunch of posts today and through the weekend, including the first of a few makeup tutorials.


Mirrormask –

The concept for this was inspired by the film Mirrormask which, if you haven’t seen it, deals with real world characters and their dream world equivalents.

Helena is a girl who has grown up working in the circus with her family, but longs to join real life. In her dream, Anti-Helena steals the Mirrormask to go to Helena’s world and basically steal her life because she’s tired of being a prisoner to her mother, an evil queen. Anyhow, the film has a lot of golden bronze colors for the animated characters and the makeup is very bronzed and golden on the evil queen end. The other end where the white queen dwells is very pearlescent and white and glowing.

So for this look, I just tried to emulate the 2 worlds and their colors, the Helena side with a pearlescent but soft glow and Anti-Helena with a lot of bronze, including some darker bronze for contouring. The look is super simple to achieve and I’ve taken a few photos to show you just how easy it is. I’ve also listed the products that I used at the bottom of the post!


So the first thing I did was define each side of the face with a different kind of base. Helena’s base, as I said should be more matte-ish or semi-matte and I added some liquid pearl highlight to give that side of my face a subtle, but soft glow. The other side of my face, for Anti-Helena, I’ve simply used a bronzing liquid all over my face (no foundation because it dilutes the bronze too much).

The next step is to define your brows. For the Helena side, I’ve gone for a strong and thick, youthful looking straight brow. For the Anti-Helena side, I used a slightly darker color on the brows and created more of slightly slimmer arch.

After that, I contoured Helena with my usual contour cream and I added some rosy blush for a natural flushed look. For Anti-Helena, I used a slightly darker bronzer to contour the face and give it a little more depth.

The last two steps are the eyes and lips and you could customize this as much as you like. I kept it pretty basic just to give you guys an idea of the difference of the two sides, but you could make it more extreme if you wanted to. Helena’s side should be more pearly, soft and natural while Anti-Helena should be a combination of golden bronze colors and black. The eyes need to be pretty dark., but you could vary it however you want. Anti-Helena’s lips in the film are deep berry red, but I went for more of a black red and then I used a pale nude pink for Helena.

Here Are Some Photos of the Finished Look: 





Sorry that the lighting and photos aren’t the best. I’m working on upgrading to an actual camera (all photos were taken on my Iphone) and getting a few lights so my photos look better, but until then, this is the best I can do so I hope you can kind of see the effects of it!


Products Used for Anti-Helena:

Products Used for Helena: 


Here’s a photo of the look with the Anti-Helena side eye digitally blacked out to give you an idea of what it would look like. I wanted to buy those black out contacts, but I just didn’t have enough time. This is just to give you an idea of how it would look.

I hope you enjoyed this look, despite the totally crap photos, and feel free to request other makeup looks you’d like to see in the comments ♥

Have You Seen Mirrormask?

♥ Tianna 

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  1. October 18, 2013 at 11:36 PM

    Nice look. Nice to see someone else taking part in bloggoween!

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      yeah! Following you on Bloglovin now ♥

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