Blogger Link Love Friday #15

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Blogger Link Love -

Happy Blogger Link Love Friday!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and look forward to an even better weekend!

I’m just so happy I finally transferred my blog over and I am super busy with more updates to the design, special offers, some specially selected affiliates, and more so stay tuned for those!

For those in the USA, I hope you have a lovely Father’s Day!

…And Onto the Links!


Anne Vyalitsyna By John Russo For Harper’s Bazaar Arabia | June 2013 – MisseyChelles

I really loved these photos from a Harper’s Bazaar shoot with Anne Vyalitsyna. She is so stunning, but more than that, the location and clothing are incredible! I especially love the swimsuit in this photo. Check out the post for more images from this shoot!

Sunshine Picnics – Amy Antoinette

So, I recently watched Safe Haven (which was really awesome!) and this outfit on Amy Antoinette really reminded me of Julianne Hough in the film. I don’t really know why, but I think Amy really kind of looks like JH in general and the style, the water, it all just FITS for some reason! Anyway, since I’m currently obsessed with all things “lakeside/beachside romance” themed, I had to share this one and what a lovely fun post – do check it out!

Routines Cheat Sheet – Beauty Mouth Caroline Hirons

I’m sure I’m not the only beauty addict out there obsessed with Caroline Hirons from Beauty Mouth and with good reason! This woman is an absolute skin genius and she really knows her stuff. This recent post on what your skincare routine should look like (both AM & PM) really opened my eyes. As fleshed out as I would consider my own routine, even I was missing some steps! I definitely recommend this as one to check out – it was really eye-opening!

What Can Numerology Tell You About Your Life Purpose?

What Can Numerology Tell You About Your Life Purpose? – GalaDarling

This is technically from last week, but seeing as I had a bit of a fascination with the concept for the entire weekend, I wanted to share it with you all so, you too, can become obsessed as well! The idea is that we each have a number (determined by our birthday + adding/ subtracting numbers) and the number determines our life purpose and some of our character. Based on what? I have no idea. The point is that it’s a lot like astrology and though it has no real grounds in reality (in my opinion), it’s a lot of fun to read up on your number…a bit like playing MASH actually!

Sephora Nail Wraps – DollyDowsie

I really love Dolly Dowsie! Her beauty and lifestyle blog is really a fun read for me personally. If you enjoy beauty and life posts, definitely check it out! This post on Sephora Nail Wraps was fun and informative and she does tons of review posts on beauty products that are quite thorough as well.

That’s all for this week’s blogger link love – I hope you enjoyed and found some new blogs to follow!

What Blogs & Articles Are You Loving This Week?

Have a Lovely Weekend!

♥ Tianna

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