Best of 2013: Books, TV Shows and Movies

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 This is my last “Best of 2013” post and it’s on Books, Movies & TV shows that I’ve loved this past year ♥

Honestly, I’m really shocked at how little reading I did in 2013. As someone who is literally known by her friends as being a book nerd, I did really bad in the reading department so I will vow to read more in 2014 to make up for it! On the other hand, I watched SO many films and TV shows LOL so that’s where the bulk of this list will come from.

best of 2013 - books, movies and tv shows


  • Allegiant. This was one of the best books I read in 2014 (thru to 2014 as I finished it a few days ago!) and it was really profound for me. It’s the third and final book in the Divergent series and, without giving too much away, has to do with the main protagonist, Tris (Beatrice) and her love interest Four and their adventures. If you haven’t read the Divergent series, I highly recommend it!
  • Clockwork Princess. This was a favorite for 2013 as it ended the Infernal Devices series, the prequel series to The Mortal Instrument. Personally, I think the ID series is far better than TMI series, but anyway. This last book follows main protagonist, Tessa, and her adventures in the shadowhunter world in Victorian England.
  • Sherlock Holmes. As I get older, I have become more interested in going back and reading old classics that I never got around to reading when I was younger. This is one of those series that I’ve always wanted to read, but never have. I’m still currently reading this as I have the entire Sherlock Holmes’ collection in one big book. It’s quite wordy, but if you love witty writing and clever mysteries, you’ll enjoy this!


  • Best Overall: Catching Fire. The second film in the Hunger Games series, this film follows Katniss after her and Peeta becoming victors of the first Hunger Games and the following Victor Tour through the districts. I just really enjoyed this film, not only because it was fun to watch, but also because I am a book purist and this film was a lot more true to the series than the first film.
  • Best Suspense Thriller: Side Effects. This film was an awesome because it had an awesome twist at the end and, despite being really wordy, was pretty action packed and fast paced. I love a good drama, but when they’re really slow paced and drag on, I tend to lose interest. This was really great and the cast is awesome.
  • Best Music + Cinematography: Beautiful Creatures. I loved the Beautiful Creatures book series so of course I would like the film as well, but it’s no Harry Potter and no Hunger Games. It actually has a very different feel to it. Some things I really like about it are that it’s a lot more true to American witchcraft spookiness than other TV shows and films I’ve seen. I like that they gave it their own spin and the cinematography is amazing. This movie looks so beautiful. The southern USA backdrop is great as is, but the effects are awesome as well and really make the film, in my opinion. I also really enjoyed the film’s soundtrack.
  • Best Family Film: Despicable Me 2. Who doesn’t love Despicable Me seriously? I am a HUGE fan of minions, like anyone, and I really enjoyed all the screen time they got in this one. Their antics are hilarious for kids and adults alike. Actually, choosing a family/kid film was difficult this year as they also came out with Frozen which I thought was seriously deep for a Disney film and more understood by adults than children, but great for all nonetheless and then also The Croods which was really funny and cute as well.
  • Best Mystery: Now You See Me. This was an awesome film about being a magician, magic, and all that illusion stuff that I love so much. I don’t know why, but I love films about magicians. From the Illusionist to the Prestige, I am all over it. It’s just a lot of fun to watch. This has a fun twist at the end as well and the crazy scale of the “tricks” this group of magicians pull off in the film is really entertaining.
  • Best Action Film: Fast & Furious 6. I don’t think I could do a film list without including this. Like many 20-somethings, I grew up with the F&F franchise and have enjoyed all of them. With the death of Paul Walker, it’s really sad to see that he will no longer be in them as he was such a pivotal character, but this film was amazing. I love that they re-capped all of the films at the beginning of this film to catch everyone up, but more than that, it was an awesome montage of just how long these actors have been working together and a testament to their own real life friendship as well as on screen. The film itself was awesome as always with tons of great action scenes and incredible cars.
  • Best Horror Film: The Conjuring. I am someone who really isn’t afraid of watching horror films, but certain ones will get to me and this is one of them. Personally, I still think Insidious (1&2) was psychologically more disturbing than this one, but it was pretty freaky anyway. The makeup and effects in this really make it because the ghosts or demons or whichever are seriously creepy looking. The story itself is based on real life people and events which makes it that much spookier and the actors in this film were really great as well.
  • Best Sci-Fi: Ender’s Game. This is a great science fiction film for those who love that sort of thing, which I do. It focuses on Ender, a prodigal child in a futuristic society that focuses on training an army of child soldiers with exceptional minds in order to defend Earth against the next alien attack. Without giving too much away, there’s a big twist at the end and the political, societal and humanistic undertones of this film are what really make it profound and thought-provoking. It’s the kind of film that, despite having cool futuristic feel to it, will spurn many conversations on what the film really means and says about human nature, governments, the military, etc.

TV Shows:

  • Best Overall TV Show: American Horror Story.This TV show is just awesome, in general, but this season is my favorite by far. It doesn’t have the same scariness or twists as the first season which was just incredible, but it has the same wickedness we all come to associate with AHS and good horror. This season focuses on witches and their clans in New Orleans, Louisiana which makes it more fascinating than scary, but Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates and many more are sensational in this show. They really make the show what it is and it’s definitely worth watching if horror and American history are of interest to you as the show is really historically accurate and puts a spin on characters that actually existed in New Orleans at some point.
  • Best New TV Show: Sleepy Hollow. This is another show that I really love for it’s focus on American history, though this history is a bit earlier than the history shown in AHS. It’s all fiction based, but there is a lot of actual history woven into the story which makes it a lot of fun to watch. There’s a horror/sci-fi element to the show as well with lots of scary demon creatures and a really interesting plot that involves The Bible, Free Masons, and a ton of other occult.
  • Best Kdrama: Heirs. This was my favorite Kdrama for the year! I know not everyone likes/watches Kdrama, but it’s a great one to watch if you do enjoy it. The story focuses on Kim Tan, illegitimate son of Jeguk Group, who is living, exiled, in America when he meets Cha Eun-Sang, a poor Korean girl visiting her sister. The two meet by chance, but choose to take hold of their own fate despite what society, their parents or anything else that threatens to tear them apart. It’s a great kdrama romance, but the ending was kind of meh. Definitely worth a watch, though!

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What Are Your Favorite Film, TV Shows & Books from 2013?

I’d love some recommendations in the comments so please share! 

♥ Tianna 

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      thank you – definitely give any of them a watch!

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