AS.AP Apothecary Orange Blossom Water Review

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 *Sample provided for review by Seed to Serum.


AS.AP Apothecary is a brand I really had no experience with prior to trying this wonderful aromatic water which was kindly sent to me from the lovely Megan of Seed to Serum. If you know anything of Megan, you’ll know she began her work as a blogger and finally converted her blog into a full-on green beauty shop pretty recently. It’s so beautiful and knowledgeable and having been a fan of her blog for many years, I just knew I would love any product she sent me.


The AS.AP Apothecary Story

Founded by Amanda Saurin, AS.AP is a brand that’s curated in small batches with the utmost care by Amanda herself. After studying herbs and homeopathy for many years in Levant, Amanda has gone on to lovingly create beautiful aromatics and essential oils from natural plant ingredients she’s collected from gardens in Sufis, the mountains of Kyrenia, and citrus groves bordering the Mediterranean. She also grows many plants herself, creating these beautiful products with an acute attention to detail. All products from AS.AP Apothecary are handcrafted from natural ingredients and never tested on animals!

AS.AP Apothecary Orange Blossom Water Review


AS.AP Orange Blossom Aromatic Water ♥

The Aromatic Waters from AS.AP Apothecary are interesting for a number of reasons. First, they are extremely gentle and could easily be used on any skin type. Secondly, they are wonderfully versatile and made from 100% pure aromatic waters. The orange blossom variety I tried out is 100% pure orange blossom water and that’s it so it’s incredibly simple. There’s no ingredient research needed for this one. These aromatic waters can be used as face toners, added to face scrubs and masks in place of water, mixed with a little honey or yogurt for a DIY face treatment, or even added to your water or cocktails for a subtle, unique flavor. They even recommend trying Turkish, Syrian or Lebanese recipes which may call for the use of orange blossom, but I didn’t personally try that. The orange blossom used in this aromatic picked every April in Cyprus and gently distilled for 3 days. The scent is earthy, calming, and surprisingly relaxing. I mainly used this one as a traditional toner, but I did step a little outside my box and added it to my infused water tons of times. It’s surprisingly subtle. On it’s own, the flavor is barely there in plain water, but added among other fruits and vegetables, it adds a floral note to delicious infused water which I have enjoyed on hot summer days. I also added this to face masks to great effect as it helped a lot with the redness I typically get during the summer. It’s also brilliant mixed with plain yogurt or honey for a DIY face treatment; both are incredibly calming to skin. I really can’t recommend these enough as they’ve added an entirely new layer to my skincare routine and I found it so soothing to redness that it’s found a permanent place in my beauty cabinet.

You can learn more and purchase a number of aromatic waters from AS.AP at Seed to Serum

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    Lianna thank you so much for your wonderful review of my Aromatic Waters, would you mind if I quote parts of it on my website?

    1. December 18, 2015 at 5:12 PM

      Hi Amanda – of course! My name is Tianna lol and sure you can quote me as long as you link to my blog or post in some way 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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