You Have Such A Great Blog…That I Forgot to Read It! + Other PR Fail Stories

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This is just a quick /rant on PRs and Brand Reps, etc. because after this happened to me for the 48908294 time, I just had to mention it.

AKA that awkward moment when the PR rep lets slip that they didn’t even look at your blog, but they’re going to act like they did and get caught. OOPS!

You see, I contact and/or am contacted by tons of brand and PR reps every week asking me to review their products or just mention their products on my blog because why? Oh, you know, just because it’s free publicity for them.

Normally I really don’t mind if the brand or company is one that I would normally mention anyway or if it’s a sale, discount code or otherwise special that would benefit readers.

Sometimes, I’ll even mention your brand if it’s a quality line of products that fits my blog and if you’re just nice to me. Kindness can go a long way, you know? 

BUT – If it’s not a benefit to readers and if I’ve never heard of this brand and the PR rep is regurgitating the same formula I get from most every other PR out there, then I probably will not go out of my way to post on your brand, but you know what makes me even less likely to mention your brand or product ever again?

When I write you about reviewing your product after I’ve mentioned it, briefly, in a lust list. I email you letting you know I’ve mentioned X product in a post recently and I’d love to review it for readers and you let me know it’s not available for trial at that time, but ask me if I’d be interested in mentioning it in my lust list?? It’s not the fact that the product is unavailable that upsets me. I understand, like most other bloggers probably do, that maybe it’s not in your budget, I’m not a big enough blog for you or your client, you don’t think my blog is a good fit, whatever, etc. etc.

What upsets me is the fact that you tell me in the beginning of the email “Great Blog!” or “Love your blog!” and then you blatantly put yourself on blast, essentially outing yourself to me that you never read any of my posts.

Hell, you probably never even went to my blog, but the problem with that is now you’ve rubbed it in my face that you obviously didn’t so THANKS. 

You know, I realize you guys are busy. I totally understand. I have a blog that I try to upkeep and keep consistent AND a day job AND I do short films on the side AND I have a normal life like everyone else. So yeah, I get that we’re all busy, but can’t you at least look at one of my posts or maybe my blog categories so you can get a general idea of what my blog is about instead of just assuming or writing me off.

What’s more, if a brand or company does their outreach through a PR company and the PR company does this on their behalf, it makes their company suffer! So, the PR company, essentially, have no backlash. Or, at least, no immediate backlash. I’m sure, over time, with enough complaints or lack of results, companies and brands will eventually take their business elsewhere, but it’s the principle of it. And sadly, experiences like this are not one off – they happen a lot and they make all the amazing PR reps out there look bad.

Maybe I’m not the biggest blog out there, maybe I’m not the best, and maybe I never will be, but that’s okay because that’s not why I blog, but you know there may come a time when you, the mighty soap box PR rep, might need my help or the help of some other blogger you’ve written off and when that day comes, you can basically assume we’re going to treat you with the same disinterested condescension that you’ve been giving to us.

And that, my friends, is what I like to call KARMA.

So, this might come off a little Taylor Swift-y when I say this, but we are probably never getting back together.

Like, ever.

If you’re a blogger, Has this or Something Similar Ever Happened To You?

I’d Love to Hear Your Experiences!

♥ Tianna 

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2 thoughts on “You Have Such A Great Blog…That I Forgot to Read It! + Other PR Fail Stories

  1. August 7, 2013 at 11:38 PM

    Honestly, Ive just given up on PR samples and publicity in general. The way I see it, the market is already so saturated, that I figure its difficult for any company to sift through the good and bad. Whatever. I can see how frustrating it must be. I had a company once do a similar thing, except they wanted me to mention their brand and feature a few items, only I had never heard of them…they barely had reviews and wouldnt even offer a small discount code or free shipping so I COULD TRY THEIR STUFF. They were pretty pricey too. I cant just make a fake post about your company when I know nothing, and you seemingly dont exist in the internet world. Sigh.
    thalia recently posted…Summer Must Haves!!My Profile

    1. August 8, 2013 at 12:23 AM

      Yeah I agree it’s very saturated. Fortunately there are some good companies out there still – we just have to sift through the spammers and douche bags until we find them! Lol . I’ve had people try to do that to me so many times don’t sweat it 🙂

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