A Beautifully Simple & Lovely Gift: Skin Owl Candles!

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Today I’m really excited to share a new line of luxe candles from Skin Owl!

I was really lucky to be sent one to experience for review from Annie, the lovely founder of Skin Owl, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

This candle is naturally hand-poured and crafted in West Hollywood by renowned master candle maker, Timothy Jay, who is known for producing thousands of candles for such luxe brands as Saks Fifth Avenue and now he’s come out with 2 exclusive holiday candles specially made for Skin Owl.

photo 1

The two lovely candles are Radiance, a red and black currant scent, and Glow, which is the one I received and it’s in an incredible gardenia scent.

First off, the Glow candle smells amazing – I could literally smell it through the box when I received it in the mail! I actually had no idea I even liked the scent of gardenia – I was under the impression that gardenia just smelled like flowers, but honestly, this scent is so much more than that. It’s really so pleasant and just delicious to experience. The scent is really apparent, though not overwhelming, without even being lit. When lit, the scent just infuses whatever room it’s in, but in a really pleasant way that doesn’t feel overpowering. Instead, it left my bathroom smelling a little bit sweet and floral. Even my boyfriend, who will honestly dislike any scent that looks at him the wrong way, really liked the scent of it and that’s saying something! Aside from it’s scent, its crafted with all natural soy wax which I prefer in candles.

What It Looks Like When Lit ♥

photo 2


As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m a huge candle fan in general, but all the more so in winter time and this is one candle that I wouldn’t mind paying that extra bit for because it’s deliciously scented and has the most beautiful frosted glass packaging that truly makes it feel like a luxurious experience. I have mostly enjoyed burning this in my bathroom during a relaxing bath and my bedroom while relaxing before bed. Either of these would make lovely gifts, but I’m partial to the gardenia one!

You can get either the Glow or Radiance Holiday Candles from Skin Owl – HERE – for $24 USD.

What Do You Think of the Glow Candle by Skin Owl?

What’s Your Favorite Candle Scent? 

See More Luxe Holiday Candles – HERE.

♥ Tianna 

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3 thoughts on “A Beautifully Simple & Lovely Gift: Skin Owl Candles!

  1. Linda Manns Linneman
    June 8, 2016 at 3:47 PM

    I love candles. The gardenia sounds great to me. I love these flowers. I also love that these are made from soy. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful candles

    1. June 14, 2016 at 8:31 AM

      it smells so good! wish they still made this scent – it was limited edition!

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